Android wins the size battle… for now


Larger Smartphones

I have always taken pride in my HTCphone having a bigger screen than the iPhone. That is one of the few perks Android users have on avid iPhone users. Sorry Apple, but I love my androids; they haven’t steered my wrong yet. Except that one time when I threw my phone across the room. Note to self: put the phone down slowly after receiving a frustrating phone call.

I feel bad for iPhone users; every time they purchase a new phone, a newer and better one comes out. I don’t mean to bash the iPhone, the service is good and often works when my 4G decides to take a five hour break.

But really?! You’re killing me! Must you try and constantly top everything? That was the last chance I had to prove my phone beats all. All I have to say is take your time Apple. Make sure to work out all of those imperfections before you try to top the android.

People who think a bigger screen will just make your phone bulky, you are so wrong. There is nothing like having a big, important phone in your palm. You look much more professional, at least in my opinion. Quietly brilliant is the way to be instead of just a slim, small screened phone.

The battle has started, but we will win the war! Androids will not surrender and this will be the biggest media event since WrestleMania! They’ll just come out with an even bigger screen. Wait, this could cause problems. Soon phones will be the size of tablets, now that is just absurd. Good luck to you both, just don’t start making phones that look like they belong in the eighties.

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