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Oh, George Romero… what happened? On top of the world of horror at one moment with your groundbreaking films filled with the walking dead and social commentary, then you fell into this slump of ripping yourself off but doing it worse than many of those others riding off your success. Night of the [Living] Dead and Dawn of the Dead gave us nightmares for weeks. They still have us looking for all the possible exits of each place we enter just in case there is a sudden outbreak of zombies during our morning coffee. Then Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead came out and were merely OK, and we wont even mention the most recent two. Now you have decided to make some app for the iPod Touch and iPhone? What next? Your own line of zombie hummus?

Well, it’s out now, for better or worse users can download the App of the Dead from the Apple App Store. Users can use the app to zombify their friends without the infection or messy part of biting them. It’s a zombie themed photo editor that you can alter and manipulate the pictures of people to give people all the ripped off jaws and torn out throats that seem to show up so often in the …of the Dead series. The user then can import his or her personalized army of undead into a FPS-Style game where you will fight for survival. A cool concept but will it work out to be as cool when played?

I could be being a bit hard on the zombie master, as I am coming fresh out of his newest film with a huge chip on my shoulder. I haven’t tried the new app yet, maybe it could be good and perhaps the idea of making my girlfriend look even more like the walking dead does have some appeal. Someone try this out and tell me if it is any good, and in the meantime I am off to play some Left For Dead 2.

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