Are we carrying too many devices?


Too Many Gadgets

It’s a gadget-overload world. Society and advancing technologies are making us more gadget heavy than ever, by far. It’s not even close. A recent study showed that we carry 2.9 gadgets on average. To put that into perspective, we have more gadgets on us at any one time than most of have arms.

Smartphones are the obvious winner in the gadgets-on-hand segment, followed by laptops and a growing number of tablets that are approaching the half-way mark. MP3 players, hit hard by the musical capabilities of other devices, still account for 40%, and eReaders aren’t quite dead yet, rolling in at 29% despite every effort being made by tablet manufacturers to take the weaker gadgets out of the market altogether.

Are we too connected? Are we becoming more attached to our digital worlds wherever we go than to the real world itself? What ever happened to just walking in the park and enjoying nature? Rather than go into a philosophical diatribe about the downfall of society as a result of overconnectedness, I’ll just leave you with this infographic by Sophos that shows it all statistically.

Too Many Devices

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  1. If laptops are 49% Windows, 22% Mac, and 8% Linux, what makes up the remaining 21%? I doubt 21% of laptop owners are using Chrome OS. (Or BSD, Solaris, etc.)

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