As Google makes driverless cars a reality, who will actually “drive” them?


Driverless Car back

While Google takes on the role of trailblazer in Nevada, there are questions that surround the technology behind their driverless car. The questions aren’t about whether or not the technology will work but rather around who will actually allow themselves to be driven around.

There’s an obvious demographic, of course. Those with disabilities such as Steve Mahan can be empowered by the mobility and freedom that a driverless car has to offer him. Will anyone who isn’t needing the use of driverless cars actually buy these in the future?

Yes. In fact, there’s a very strong contingent particularly within the youths of America who would either definitely buy one or consider it. This infographic from TechnoBuffalo comes to us via Shreveport Chevrolet and breaks down the different types of people who will consider it and other forms of automated driving assistance.

Autonomous Driving Study

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