Avoid Star Trek spoilers at all costs


Star Trek Cumberbatch

There hasn’t been a movie since The Sixth Sense that had more potential for disaster than Star Trek: Into Darkness. No, Spock doesn’t see dead people, but that doesn’t take away for the desperate need to avoid that annoying co-worker who loves to talk about the movie he watched this weekend.

Kudos to J.J. Abrams for pulling off one of the hardest challenges in Hollywood – making a movie that appeases the long-time faithful while still offering a complete experience to those who aren’t as familiar with the source material. Rotten Tomatoes, the consolidated source of reputable reviews, gave the movie an 87/100. This isn’t quite as universally enjoyed as the first part of the reboot which received a 95/100, but there are risks taken in Into Darkness that go beyond those of the first movie. With risk comes the potential to turn critics off altogether, which is apparently what happened to 13% of the critics.

Don’t let anyone spoil this one for you. Cover your ears if they start talking about it. Make this the last article you read about the movie until you see it. One thing that makes this different from other movies is that the trailers actually add to the movie. Rather than give you too much information to reveal the storyline or hint to the ending, the trailers are actually minor enhancements that allow you to know just enough without spoiling the experience. It’s one of the best set of trailers in this regard.

I’m not going to mention anything about Benedict Cumberbatch except that this is another example of his rise into the upper echelon of quality actors in Hollywood.

Yes, I recommend that every geek or non-geek alike sees this movie. Ironman 3 may have launched the summer blockbuster season, but Star Trek: Into Darkness helped to point it in the right direction and set the bar for greatness. Hopefully the upcoming summer movies will deliver as well.

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