Background video technology brings the world to Hollywood


Greenscreen Filming

We’ve all seen the shots in sci-fi movies where the background was obviously manufactured. Background fill video technology is nothing new with green screens being the predominant type in Hollywood and around the world.

What many don’t realize is that many of the television shows that they watch today aren’t filmed on location the way that they appear. Technology has made a film set much easier to create. One simply has to put the moving parts in front of a green screen and everything else can be added seamlessly in a way that nobody could ever recognize.

Cost savings are obvious; it’s cheaper to green screen the Lincoln Memorial into a background than to fly the cast and crew across the country. It also allows for cleaner shots. Movie sets always have to be conscious of what’s going on in a live background. There are permits needed to block off for filming and there’s always a risk that someone does something disruptive in the background.

Not anymore.

Check out these two videos by Stargate Studios showing the magic of Hollywood backgrounds.


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