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Anyone who has spent time in their garage restoring an older model car knows it’s really a tale of love and hate. The love part goes into the beauty the car becomes, and watching it turn from (in general) a pile of junk that is just a shell of what the car once was to one that is absolutely gorgeous and runs like a dream. When finished the restored car turns heads and gives you the pride in having worked so hard to have the car of your dreams.

Classic Mustang

The hate for this project is in the time it takes to do the work, the rust that has to be taken off the metal to make it worth painting. Finding parts to fit your project car can be difficult and cause delays in the work also a frustrating venture, along with the challenges of getting the car to run right if you put a stock engine from the time period in the car. Not only that, many times cars that have been restored by individuals in garages aren’t the most reliable, as they may need some extra tuning, or have steps that were overlooked in the process. All in all, building your own car as a restoration project takes a great deal of time, money and commitment in order to gain the car you want to drive and own with pride.

Even though the commitment of money will probably never change, having a classic looking car that you don’t have to go through the “rust bucket” phase is now very possible. A company by the name of Dynacorn International manufactures factory-spec reproduction parts for some of the meanest classic muscle cars to ever prowl the streets of America. In true Americana spirit you can now have the best of both worlds with parts that fit just right and give you the chance to cut a lot of time off your build. Imagine being able to own a 1967 Mustang Convertible shell that is in perfect condition and then dropping on of today’s 5.0 engines inside; you would have a car that not only looks amazing but also gives you the reliability desired and expected from cars of today.

Dynacorn has parts not only for the Mustangs, but the Camaros, Firebirds, and Chevelles of the 1960’s for anyone to have an awesome looking classic car that can have any engine or workings desires and not only fit right, but work perfectly together. This gives you a huge advantage when you are ready to take on a restoration project. If you ask anyone who has gone through the process of selecting the junker they were going to restore, one of the phases they would gladly skip was that of having to deal with all the rust and figuring out how to make the metal usable again. With Dynacorn body shells and parts you can have the 1960’s look with 2015 workings on your good old American Muscle car, giving you the best of both worlds.

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