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Consoles vs PC gaming

Console Gaming

The battle has long waged between different gamer types. Which is better, console or PC gaming? That’s a question that likely won’t be answered in this generation, but we can all keep trying.

Since 2009, PC game revenues have increased while console game revenues have decreased. 2010 marked the first recent shift in trends where more money was generated through PC game sales than console games. The trend started showing signs of reversing this year as projections for the holidays and into 2012 show a greater increase in console gaming sales over PC.

Hardcore-PC-Gamers often point to processing power as the reason behind their choice. PS3 is the most powerful of the major consoles but weighs in at 550 MHz. While this is plenty for nearly all games, the rise of HD and 3D games is starting to require more juice than to run at peak graphic performance.

Regardless of which side you’re on, one thing is clear: there is no end in sight for either PC or console gaming. The popularity of both is on the rise and there’s enough room for more contenders if necessary.

This infographic by our friends at Ignite breaks down the battle lines and demonstrate why the war will continue, likely for a long, long time.

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  1. More facepalming due to more retards that think they have ground for an argument coming your way… [i.e. the author of this article who does not have the proper qualifications to even stand on the same stage]

    You seem to forget that gaming started on consoles infront of the tv.
    You don’t understand that not many games are GPU intensive and a lot run based upon the CPU. Coloured persons don’t know bout my 4GHz GPU, and for you to think that GHz = everything, you seem to forget the fact that even a 8800 from ~6 years ago still has 3x the stream and core processors.

    “Now that PCs have developed better graphics” /fuckingfail
    Any “gaming” PC has had superior graphics to any console since the introduction of Windows 98.
    Also, you don’t include the monthly fees for P2P games in the projected outcomes, nor do you include that fact of game lifetimes: e.g. CS still running strong since 1999 [1.6 since 2003], where as the next terrible adaptation of call of duty will not last more than 3 years.

    Nor do you weigh the differences of gaming experiences. Even consoles with games that are designed for 1 set of hardware still have framerate lag. 
    Console: Service like XBL or PSN goes down? There goes your online experience, or single-player for new games with terrible DRM.
    PC: Server goes down, a. goto another dedicated server if fps/rts/etc, or b. there is a listed down-time so I planned around said gap and I went to play another game as I can b/c I don’t have a single service monitoring the entirety of my gaming experience.
    Not to mention the registry issues due to use of P2P (peer-to-peer) network over a dedicated server system. In simple terms which looks more efficient: computer server or peer3 peer1 peer2 peer3, where 1 terrible connection = crap. P2P networks are fine for file transfer but not for gaming.

    Everyone will most likely have a computer anyway as they are used for much more than gaming. There is the argument that console is cheaper, but in reality it is not. Would it not make more sense to spend more money on a better computer (built/bought) and have a better experience with hardware that will last longer and actually do something, or half ass both your gaming experience and buy a sub-par $250-500 computer and complain about how slow/crappy it is and replace it within a year. The choice is clear.

  2. PC gaming is nice for serious gaming ( MMO, FPS-stats) but for pure entertainment, console on a 3D TV is the way to go. I have a LG LW6500 65″ hooked up to my xBOX and ps3 and the gaming is CRAZY. I don’t even have any 3D titles, i just use my 2D to 3D conversion feature and its insanely awesome.

  3. You could not be more wrong with what you just said. 

    People who actually know how to us a computer can control them. Clearly you don’t have these skills if you can’t postpone a simple update while trying to game. 

    Counsels are fine for those that don’t have the time to dedicate to a PC but a PC is by far a better machine. You fail to even acknowledge that as a Xbox community member you have to pay just to play your games with others.

    If you add up the current rates for a Xbox360 on a yearly subscription and the initial price for the system with an extra controller thrown in the price difference after four years is under $300 difference of a $1000 gaming rig. Your Xbox lasting longer than most doesn’t mean anything because that is an average and on average a significant percent of them die between two to three years of age. On the other hand the fact that your supposed  $1000 gaming computer only lasted you 3 months only proves that you are out of your league here. I spent under $1000 almost three years ago on my gaming rig and it is STILL able to play any game out with nearly maxed out settings.. Your failure to spend correctly should not represent the PC’s abilities.

    I can do anything on my PC.. what can you do on your Xbox? Play games? Watch movies? Listen to music? Not much more than that.. 

    An Xbox can do nothing a computer (PC) can’t do better.

  4. PC gaming is more real than console gaming cause of
    But If you wanna go with entertainment and even more fun then you have to with a console. Play on an nice tv with sorround system and 3D feature is much more fun. Also on a console you can easily play with friends.
    The biggest disadvantage of consoles is that you can’t tune them, so their hardware are too fast outdated.

    In my opinion PC is even better cause their hardware won’t get outdated.
    Sorry for my bad english I’m german.

    Have a nice Day 😛

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