CVS and IBM are using Watson to predict who’s at risk for diabetes


Health care has been recognized as one of the best industries for Watson to make a difference in ever since IBM first unveiled the artificial intelligence a few years ago, and CVS couldn’t agree more. The two companies have joined forces to use Watson’s supercomputer-powered predictive analytics to predict which of CVS’s customers are most at risk for chronic illnesses such as diabetes. 

CVS Health and IBM today announced they will use predictive analytics and Watson cognitive computing to transform care management services for patients with chronic disease. The partnership will enable health care practitioners, including those across the CVS Health enterprise, to use Watson to advance care management beyond programs and services typically available today. Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities interact in natural language, read and understand vast amounts of information, and continuously learn. The offering would enable health care practitioners to quickly and easily gain insights from an unprecedented mix of health information sources such as medical health records, pharmacy and medical claims information, environmental factors, and fitness devices to help individuals stay on track with their care and meet health goals.

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