Despite mainstream growth, 80% of Pinterest users are women



There has been a giant shift in the content posted to Pinterest over the last 3 months. Around Christmas, 2011, the site was filled with holiday crafts, recipes, and home ideas with sprinklings of hairstyles and present wishlists dominating the site. Once it hit the “mainstream” and experienced the exponential growth that has highlighted the site over the last 3 months, more cars, infographics, and offbeat funny pictures started creeping it.

By all accounts, it appeared as if the site that was completely dominated by women was being invaded by male users. Long-time Pinterest users started leaving comments about how the site was changing and that there was a shift in it that they didn’t like. Despite all of this, the site is still extremely tilted towards the female demographic more than any of the major social networks with Comscore showing that 80% are women.

With Alexa showing the site at #16 in traffic in the US, the growth and attention have been apparent but the male invasion may have been prematurely declared. Female-oriented content still dominates the site and keeps it flowing with the images and videos that women want. Will it be able to maintain this forever?

The infographic below should shed some light on the past, present, and future of the social network. Click to enlarge.

Pinterest Data You Can't Ignore: The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest [infographic]

(Via: IMinc. Hat Tip: Automotive SEO)

  1. I laugh every time I see Google+’s stat of 90 million users. All their analytics regarding Google+ are flawed as they consider signups and activity in their other products (Gmail, etc) into their Google+ analytics and public numbers.

    Google totally missed the ball, again, with Google+.  Pinterest is getting an insane amount of honest publicity – not like Google’s where they are the ones creating the buzz for themselves.

    Now, if Pinterest would smarten up and accommodate males, they would be massive.

  2. There isn’t enough room for all social media platforms in this space called the www (just a joke).    I think Pinterest is focused on what they have at hand now which is serving the females segment interested in crafts and recipes.  Other platforms are available to serve other segments of the market.  Perfect example is  I understand that they are fairly new but they have been making a lot of buzz in my eyes.  Heard about them not too long ago and now I read something about everyday.  I gave them a try and it definitely has all the tools to be the next runner up.  

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