Drones are following your car around too now


Drones are everywhere these days and they seem to love following people around, be it on foot or on a bike. Now drones are following cars around too after a team of techies created an app at a recent Toyota hackathon in California that allows you to control a drone and have it follow your car around autonomously. 

It seems that every day, we learn of a new project that aims to get drones to follow people around. But now, it’s about following cars. At a recent Toyota hackathon in California, a number of teams were tasked with coming up with ways to build apps around the company’s Vehicle Data Visualizer, an onboard system that generates data such as a car’s speed, RPMs, GPS coordinates, and more. One team, known as Eye in the Sky, set out to build an Android app that could control a drone and have it autonomously follow a Scion FR-S around a track set up outside the hackathon venue at the San Mateo County Event Center, about 45 minutes south of San Francisco.

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