The Most Multitaskingest Thing In Photography Today



For so many years, mankind has faced a huge conundrum: how does one take photos above the water and below it at the same time? Thankfully, we could now have an answer. And the most awesome part is that it is called the UNDERABOVE. Wait, I lied. That isn’t the most awesome part.

The awesome part is that it accomplishes two things: it looks like something man created to destroy humanity, and it takes photos of below and above the water synchronously with dual-lens technology. It’s obvious why they would do the former, but not quite so sure why they would want to do the latter. I’m guessing Hollywood has run out of cool special effects ideas, and needed somewhere to expand.

Either way, you can’t get your hands on the UNDERABOVE quite yet, as it is only a concept. But if you want one bad enough, I could suggest glueing two cameras together (one with an underwater casing), wiring the shutter buttons to fire at the same time, and giving it a go yourself. I’m not sure how the results will compare, but, then again, I’m not exactly sure why any person on Earth would want to do this more than once anyways. But I’ve been wrong before.

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