Essential Tech for a Geek’s Summer


Ah, Summer! It’s the time of the year that even the most stereotypical geek who spends his time coding in a basement can’t wait to get out into the warm sun and fresh air.

But just because you’re heading out, doesn’t mean it’s time to let go of your precious technology.

Far from it: summer is often the best time to make use of all the incredible tech we’re lucky enough to have access to. Here are some essentials for enjoying summer – while still continuing to geek out.


plastic logic ereader

Few things are more summer-y than sitting under the shade of a tree and kicking back reading a book, newspaper or magazine. But now, tech allows you to not just carry around one or two pieces of reading material, but hundreds of books, articles – and with a 3G tablet, even the whole web.

Better yet, with ebooks or tablets no-one can see what you’re browsing through! So you go ahead and spend your summer reading Harry Potter, smutty erotica or, heck, even Twilight. No-one will know.

Portable Gaming System

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Sure, reading outside is great – but not always as great as, ya’ know, SAVING THE UNIVERSE. Which is why a portable gaming system is ideal for summer – to kick back with some Mario or (retro) Sonic while sitting next to a lake or under a tree is the very definition of geek happiness. Just remember to find some shade, though – even the iPhone’s screen is pretty hard to see in the sun.


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Given that so many people have these now, why are laptops or netbooks important for summer? Well, if you’ve ever walked past a busy urban patio in the middle of July, you know why: having a portable computer lets you continue to people watch while sipping an iced latte in the sun – and you can keep working too! Or at least pretend to. Either way, there’s no way you could look cool while sitting at home anchored to your desktop.


The summer road-trip is the stuff of legend. Adventure, discovery, romance – all these await you on the open highway (at least if Hollywood is to be believed). But you can’t experience any of that if you just waste your time getting lost. That’s why a GPS kit is crucial, whether on a smartphone or a standalone one for the car. Well, unless you’re one of those “it’s the journey and not the destination” people. And those folks are just quitters with a bad sense of direction.

USB Gadgets To Keep You Cool

usb fridge 1

Whether your geek-drink of choice is one of those energy drinks with fourteen tons of caffeine or PBR, it’s tough to go wrong  with a USB device that keeps you can of choice nice and cool. Whether a USB-powered fridge or cooler, how great would it be to sit on your balcony and reach for a cold one as you work or relax with your computer outside?  And if that isn’t enough, how about a USB-powered fan to keep a breeze going on those hot days?

MP3 Player With a Speaker Dock


Warm weather, late nights and music go together like… erm… warm weather, late nights and music! And how are you going to bob your head to your favorite tunes unless you get those tunes outside? That’s why a speaker dock for you MP3 player is a necessity – and the louder the better. Of course, we have to wonder – what tune will be blasting from people’s iPods this summer?


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Whether a fancy-shmancy DSLR to perfectly capture the summer sun – or a simple point-and-shoot for random, drunken late-night shenanigans, a camera is key to an enjoyable summer. After all, the season blitzes by so fast, how are you going to remember any of it unless you take some snaps along the way?

Portable Charger


Sure, all this technology that will help you get out and enjoy the weather is great – but what good will it be if you run out of juice? That’s why you need some form of portable charging – whether solar or battery powered, it’s essential to keep things going long into summer evenings.

What’s Essential For Your Tech-Geek Summer?

What about you? What are the key pieces of digital gear that can help make your summer? And what are the best models and brands for each of the things we’ve mentioned here?

  1. Yup, without my iPhone (loaded with music) I ain’t going nowhere. No, seriously: I ain’t even walking the dog without my iPhone.

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