Even the flying car is becoming a hybrid


Terrafugia Flying Car

The flying car has been on the tip of every geek’s tongue for decades. We want it. They know it. Despite these facts, it has yet to hit the mainstream. That isn’t stopping Terrafugia from taking the technology and making it into a hybrid vehicle.

With a range of nearly 500 miles, the concept would include vertical take-off and landing capabilities, a plug-in petrol-electric hybrid flying car, and the ability to be a four-seater. It may not be in the immediate future for consumers, but we may see it someday according to iol.

As the Transition program shifts from research and development to production and customer care, the MIT-trained engineering team are looking to build on what they’ve learned (and, more importantly, what they’ve taught the Federal Aviation Administration) about practical flying cars.

Let’s hope that once the technology makes sense, that politics won’t become a roadblock. It’s about time that we took to the skies.

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