Facebook readies an official iPad app

Facebook iPad app image chat status

Facebook iPad app image chat status

After downplaying the importance of having an iPad app, images of Facebook’s upcoming iPad app have finally been exposed via TechCrunch. The HTML5-rich app looks nearly complete and could to be ready to launch shortly.

For iPad users, this new application promises to be a far easier way to enjoy the social network in lieu of using the full Facebook website. Unlike the Facebook’s iPhone app, the design of the iPad app features a left-side menu system and extensive use of overlay menus, which are commonly found in other apps for Apple’s popular tablet.

News of the iPad app’s existence is nothing new, but Facebook finally seems to be on the verge of releasing it to the public. The timing of the release couldn’t be better either. Already, 250 million Facebook users actively access the service on a mobile device. As the network approaches 700 million users worldwide, a new app could be a major source of growth for Facebook.

There has been no word of an official launch date just yet. However, judging from how polished and detailed the app looks, we won’t have to wait much longer.

Facebook iPad app image

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