Facebook’s live streaming feature is now available to regular users


Live streaming is the name of the game right now, and Facebook wants in on the action. The company launched a live streaming feature for official celebrity accounts a while back, but now its bringing the feature to regular users as well, so long as they live in the United States and have an iOS device. Just like Meerkat and Periscope, Facebook Live allows users to live stream whatever they want from their smartphone, but whereas as the other services either delete the video right after you’re done streaming or delete it after 24 hours, Facebook Live records it and stores it until you want to delete it.

And we’re live! After giving celebrities the option to broadcast live video to their followers, Facebook is now rolling out this “Live” streaming feature to iOS users in the U.S. The Live feature allows you to record and share video in real time using the Facebook app. After Live is enabled, you will see a new “live video” option when you tap to create a Status Update. Once you tap to “Go Live,” you will see the number of viewers tuning in to your live stream, the names of your Facebook friends who are watching, and whatever comments pop out in real time. Facebook’s Live feature is similar to standalone live-streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope. The main difference is that replays of Facebook live-streams won’t disappear after 24 hours, as they do on Periscope and Meerkat. Instead, Facebook Live video replays will show up on your timeline and stay there until you choose to delete them. Theoretically, could remain on Facebook for all eternity—kind of like those embarrassing photos of you from college.

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