Favo.rs brings accountability to business relationships



LinkedIn and Facebook may have the market cornered for building relationships between business professionals, many startups are starting to pop up that take it to the next level. One such startup is Favo.rs.

I was first turnedonto Favo’rs a couple of months ago from an article on Wired. A “good ol’ boy” network, as they describe it, Favo.rs allows users to connect with other professionals just as LinkedIn and Facebook. The difference is in the accountability aspect; with Favors, users get to keep track of what they do for others and what others are doing for them.

The interface is solid, keeping a timeline of those who are needing favors within ones network. This is where it gets important. It is through the accountability and desire to grow a network that Favors separates itself. Making connections is often the key to business social networks and receiving introductions is an important component of a network’s success.

We will watch more closely, but for now, we’re simply going to give it a shot.

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