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Football, television viewing habits, and customer service

impact football infographic cable satellite industry


Americans crave football and appreciate a positive customer service experience. They pay, on average, about $100 a year for sports programming. Seventy-three percent of U.S. males and 55 percent of females watch football. How do they get their football fix? Sixty percent watch NFL football on television sets, and eight percent catch games on their computers. Twenty-seven percent of Americans watch between six and ten hours of football per week during the NFL season. The cable industry is thriving—it raked in 97.6 billion in revenue last year alone. So, how do consumers feel about the customer service experience?

Overall customer satisfaction with telecom, cable and utility service providers rose in 2011, yet poor customer service leads two out of three consumers to switch providers. While companies are improving many of the most frustrating parts of the customer service experience, they face customers who are very willing to engage multiple providers and make a switch. Complaints to the FCC from cable and satellite subscribers increased by nine percent during the fourth quarter of 2010. What can companies do to improve the customer service experience? One answer is to engage more in social media. Twenty-seven percent of consumers want companies to interact with them through social media before they are customers, and 24 percent reported greater chance of doing business with providers that are engaged in social media.

Americans enjoy sports programming, a positive customer experience, and social media. Would you want your cable service provider to engage with you via social media sites? Please weigh in and check out the infographic below presented by ClickSoftware to learn more!

impact football infographic cable satellite industry

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