Foursquare Integration One More Reason Not to Laugh at Bing


foursquarebing 610x416When Bing first launched, we all treated it a little like the little engine that couldn’t; why, we all asked, would anyone switch from Google to Bing?

As time has gone on, however, Bing has become more compelling, particularly with its map features. Now, there’s one more reason to use Bing, as they’ve integrated information from quickly-growing location app Foursquare.

Let’s say you arrive in Brooklyn or San Francisco with no idea what to do.

With the data now integrated into Bing Maps, head to the search site and you’ll be able to see all the tips Foursquare users have left mapped out for you to peruse, highlighting the places in a neighborhood people think are worth visiting.

What’s more, users of the mobile service will be able to see which kinds of users have left comments – those that have been there once, or those who are regulars. Regardless of what we may have once thought of Bing, this sounds like a smart upgrade that makes use of a growing well of information.

[Source: CNET]
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