Germany captures 43% of the world’s solar power


Solar Panels

Few developments, notions, or facts relating to green technology surprise us anymore. Alternative energy continues to expand while oil consumption slowly drops (perhaps too slowly for most). The alternative energy industry seems to be heading in the right direction (other than some notable failures recently). It’s for this reason that the huge acceptance of solar power in Germany blindsided us a bit.

It’s common knowledge that they lead the world in solar, but the extent of their domination is mind boggling. The infographic below by 1bog looks at the top 10 countries from a solar perspective. Combined, they account for 91% of the overall solar installations in the world. Notably absent from the list: Russia, Brazil, and Australia, all of which have the land mass and resources to be bigger solar countries.

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Solar Countries

  1. Captures? Are you really THAT stupid? I mean, I realize you “write” for a crappy blog, and therefore don’t actually earn a living with your writing skills and journalism…but still, this is bad even for a blogger. Germany does not capture 43% of the world’s solar energy.

    Maybe it GENERATES that much…but not captures. Those two words are NOT interchangeable.

    1. lakawak, Germany certainly does *capture* a percentage of the world’s solar energy, it is ‘generated’ by the Sun.

      Clue’s in the title dumbass.

  2. Oh come on.  So Germany captures 43% of the energy of the sun that is then converted to Solar Energy.   Thats just semantics.  The two words are not interchangeable yes, but thats because you’re only interpreting the sentence in one way.  The end. 

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