Getting creative with energy production


Weird Energy Sources

Energy is all around us. Even the smallest particles that we cannot see without a microscope have the potential to unleash enough energy to destroy large portions of the world. There’s a huge gas ball that rises over our east horizon every morning, unseen wind currents that can turn power-capturing turbines, and good ol’ fossil fuels that are still in abundance beneath our feet despite decades of massive collection processes.

With all of these standard energy sources, it’s still refreshing to see that some people are being creative with the ways that we collect the energy around us. It is a collection process – energy cannot be created or destroyed. Turning it into something that we can use to power the devices, vehicles, and instruments of progress that drive our world is a challenge that many have faced. Thankfully, some of the creations that have come from this challenge are worthy of note.

Below are five creative ways of collecting energy that could harvest energy in the not too distant future courtesy of our friends at SaveOnEnergy.

5 Weird Energy Sources Infographic


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