GoDaddy lost 72,354 domains this week. It’s not enough.


Despite a massive Twitter campaign and a blog post that claims “Go Daddy no longer supports SOPA legislation” the company and its CEO have dodged questions about opposing the bill. In essence, they are taking a lesser role by not showing support for the bill. They have not opposed it.

This week, they lost around 72,000 domain registrations. At a yearly discounted rate of $6.99 (most registrations are higher), that’s over half a million dollars per year. It is apparently not enough for them to speak out against the bill.

Everyone from large corporations like Google down to small startups like Oklahoma City Dodge are voicing concern about the legislation. “We are watching this subject very closely and looking at what domain changes will need to be made because of GoDaddy’s support of this legislation,” said Mike Chell.

How many domains is the company willing to lose before they oppose this abomination of legislation? Do they believe that when they “step back and let others take leadership roles” we are going to see it as something other than a “duck and cover” public relations move to try to get out of the spotlight and hope someone else takes the brunt of the attacks while they quietly support the bill?

Are 72,354 domains enough? Not even close. It’s a drop in the bucket. They have anywhere from 15,000 to 40,000 domains added daily. Despite cries from the internet, yesterday was a good day with over 32,000 added. Go Daddy has not felt much pain yet. The “PR nightmare” that many of us in the tech industry perceive is happening to them hasn’t hit their pocketbooks in any real form, yet.

Until the effect is more pronounced, they can afford to deflect questions and let the negative PR pass. More must be done.

  1. Sadly… They were likely good to have in our corner on this mess. The SOPA will likely pass either way since, you know, congress could give a fuck about the people who voted them into office.

    I would rather have godaddy taking the lead than time warner or Viacom.

  2. Despite cries from the internet, yesterday was a good day with over 32,000 added.”

    Misleading. They got a net of less than 1000 domains. That is NOT a good day for them. Have your editor (if you even have one there) smack you upside the head.

    1. Have your calculus teacher smack you upside the head. I say that with <3. Net is a local minimum, the added domains are a steady influx. As soon as the incoming goes down then we can talk.

      Money wise it might not be a good day for them, trends wise it's no big deal as long as they feel they will be rescued by whomever they sold their support to.

  3. Godaddy knows these numbers are being tracked.  They can’t control the number of domains that are canceled or transferred, but they do have control over the number of new domains that come into their system.  I’ve been digging through the whois details on some of the new domains that they are registering and it seems like there are more registrants that aren’t traceable then is usually the case.  If they are registering domains just to pad the numbers that will cost them extra on top of the cost of the domains they’re losing.  And lets not forget all of the future sales this bad PR has cost them.  And the wind it has put in the sails of their competitors, this Godaddy thing has been great marketing for Namecheap.  We’re costing them but until they declare their opposition to SOPA in a believable manner it won’t be enough.

  4. Unless the competitors, who are now taking advantage of GoDaddy’s debacle to give users temporary promos, can keep the prices low in the long term, GoDaddy will still win out simply because users want cheap domains and many new registrants might be unaware of SOPA. Users will simply search for cheap domains and discover GoDaddy offers some of the best rates in the market. Network Solutions for example wants to uphold internet freedom but it charges users a whopping $34.99 to register 1 domain. GoDaddy, charges $7.49 for the same domain and has special offers. So why should I choose NSI? I don’t think you can ignore that if you are shopping with your mind instead of emotions.

  5. I run a medium sized ISP, we are a small customer with a thousand or do domains with them. We have started moving all our domains from them. However, most of them are paid and we will wait until the end of their subscription to move them, so all effects from this will not be experienced right away. Also consider all the new domains that we will not be registering with them. 

    GoDaddy`s corporate ethics suck. Simple as that and we dont trust them. Bye bye GoDaddy, hello NameCheap. 


      1. No weave. We do not believe the reps will block this.  But the fact is that neo-communist democrats will stop at nothing until they destroy the freedoms America once held, and the pics with the dems celebrating in the arms of Chavez, Castro, middle east terrorists proves the direction they are willing to go to sacrifice this nation.

      2. Remember is was the two sleazebag Republicans, McLame and Lindsey Graham that gave us NDAA.  It is very much in the same vain as SOPA.  They all (with the exception of one or two) are crooks and liars.

      3. Two RINOs who need to be kicked out our show their true colors and change parties to the Dark Side and put a D by their names.

      4. There is only one Rep. in congress that can be trusted to obey the Constitution, luckily he happens to be running for President.

      5. Every blog has to have a rat faced rabid Paulie.
        ‘The only one”…blah….blah…blah…..
        We’ve heard that before and we got Obama.
        I am not buying it. If you think you can find someone that stupid to do this AGAIN, have at it.
        “And he raised his hand and the seas receded, the air became clean, and…” Uh uh, not this time, Paulie.
        Not a hairs difference between a Paulie ad an Obot.
        And Paulie, that “you ain’t no” Patriot, American, etc crap don’t work on me, so don’t waste your time. Or do, I could care less.

      6. Can you offer any evidence to the contrary, NO, because nobody else obeys their oath of office!

        It is obvious you don’t care about America because you are not in support of strict obedience to our Constitution.  Name-calling only points out the lack of intellectual horsepower by the name-caller.

        Merry Christmas!

      7. But has absolutly any chance of winning because of outlandish and crazy ideas, but you ARE right, only one, but you have spelled his name wrong.  Change it to G-I-n-g-r-i-c-h and you will be 100 percent right.

      8. Can you educate by expanding and giving use a couple of his ‘crazy’ ideas?

        Are you saying it is crazy to obey the Constitution?

      9. This just goes to show you how far over the cliff of Marxism we have fallen when a Constitutional scholar who stands on Constitution principles is called outlandish and crazy. If you think he is outlandish and crazy, don’t bother reading Thomas Jefferson’s writings because he is REALLY out there. That’s the problem with progressives, they pay lip service to Jefferson and Hamilton, but label anyone who belives what they believed as racist morons. Do us a favor, stop pretending you are a patriot out of one side of your constitutionally ignorant mouth, while castigating anyone out of the other side of your mouth because they disagreed with you pro Marxist slavery midset. You’re lucky we conservatives don’t believe in dragging you out into the streets and dispensing with your subversion like your hero Che did. If we did, you would have been nothing more than a bad memory destined to be forgotten long ago.

      10. Sure they’ll block it, just like they blocked the 2 month payroll tax cut (which can’t be enforced)…All that was needed was one dissenter to stop the useless extension…even the new blood Tea Party reps failed to make even one whimper, Ron Paul (Mr Constitution) didn’t say jack..

      11. The Republicans and Democrats have morphed into one massive, mind-numbing, dysfunctional, political blob of self-absorbed crap. The US government is under the complete control of corporate interests and works consistently against the interest of average Americans. This is a bipartisan screwing performed on command for their corporate masters. Blaming one side or the other is missing the main point. No incumbents should be reelected, they are all horrible.

    1. Ugh. Please stop this. The issues here are not due to any party. You are, unfortunately, still under the ruse that one party is better than they other. An association to a political party does not mean anything. You must look at the actual candidate, and not the party, then make your decision. Voting Republican, blindly, will help you end up with a guy like Newt Gingrich in office.. and I’m sure no one wants that! =)

      1. I would say Mr Webster, that you could be blind, deaf and most certanly DUMB, DUMB, and DUMB.  There are big and major differences in the two partys, in idealogy, in IQ, in persuit of freedom and differences in how big government should be.  They differ in knowing when to STOP spending (the tea party and some republicans) on who to let vote (dmorats want free voting, as many times as possible, by illegals, felons, etc) while the other side beleives you should have a picture ID, no one dead should be allowed to vote, let servicemens vote count, but not allow the Chicago rule as in vote early and often.  There are major differences but it helps to sort it all out if you can read, listen to more than CNN and CNBC, Ed “wife beater” Shultz, and so on!

      2. As I mentioned above, SOPA was introduced by a Republican. How does that fit within your idea of the two parties? And who’s “DUMB, DUMB, and DUMB” now?

      3. There isn’t a thimble’s worth of difference between the two parties.  The both favor the state over the individual, in spite of the reason the Declaration of Independence says our government was formed.

      4. As I mentioned above, SOPA was introduced by a Republican. How does that fit within your idea of the two parties? And who’s “DUMB, DUMB, and DUMB” now?

      5. They just won’t get it. These people play ping pong, tag team, taking turns screwing us equally and they are able to keep up the gig by introducing a new puppet every 4 or 8 years under the pretence of a difference. There is no difference between Bush and Obama..or Obama and Gengrich, or Gingrich and Perry..they would continue this agenda of Globalization regardless of who “wins” the election. I love the” at least”, and” even though” people, as in; “even though Bush lied us into war and murdered countless innocent people and killed scores of U.S soldiers based on that lie, signed into law the Patriot act and other unconstitutional legislation, at least he didn’t unconstitutionally start 2 more wars without congressional approval, murder U.S citizens with no due process, and sign into law the NDAA and SOPA bills”. This logic is flawed and ridiculous, They are both equally guilty of crimes against the very constitution they were sworn to protect and uphold. I guess it boils down to who do you like screwing you more, the elepahnt or the donkey? the all work for the same power structure, and right now that power structure has to collapse America in order to constrct this NWO, (google George Bush sr. speach on the “New World Order” dated Sept. 11 1991, yes, 10 years to the DAY the towers fell). We wont even recognize the real enemies if we keep wasting our energy on these puppet punching bags……..

      6. Gingrich may be a bloviating promotion machine, but he’s one of the only leaders of the two parties in the 90’s who opposed multiple attempts at regulation of the Internet, including regulation of encryption by the NSA via the State Dept, taxation of the Internet by states and the feds, and segregation of the internet into regulated speech zones for adult content and protected speech.

        Al Gore, by way of comparison, was a primary sponsor (other than the NSA) of the clipper chip, a scheme to make the entire country use the NSA’s skipjack algorithm with an NSA backdoor built in.  He and Clinton were also ‘reliable’ supporters of anything the FBI asked for.

      7. As a life long union democrat, I would rather have Newt Gingrich as president than the clueless socialist idiot that currently occupies the seat.  Progressiveness is Communism disguised as socialism.

      8. No hack, these big government nanny state bills almost always come from the fascist loving democrats so go F yourself.

      9. Right on right on the money….    Could not have said it better myself…..Have a Great day….

      10. You know what the irony is? It was actually introduced by a Republican (Larry Smith from Texas). But please continue to pretend like you actually know anything.

      11. I am extremely pleased to see liberty-loving elements of both Left and Right coming together to fight against pending legislation that would drastically curtail free speech by installing intitutional censorship and prior restraint.

        Although separate in their campaigns, they move in parallel, for the same goal!

        It’s time that we ALL awake to the danger of Progs and their cronies, whether Republican or Democrat. They seek the same aim, CONTROL.

        Although I would prefer to die in my sleep, an old man in a free and prosperous America,

        I would die on my feet, if need be, for I will NOT live on my knees…

      12. I have been saying this for years, and the evidence is plain to see. By switching back and forth between which party is in control, more and more laws are put into place that hurt us as Americans that serve both supposed agendas.

        It is all a game, a hoax, and not even an elaborate one. We are a country that is falling, and I’m glad to see so many people waking up to this fact.

        Left or Right, the two party system doesn’t work. It certainly doesn’t work for the people.

      13. @AC … It is Lamar Smith ( not Larry ) and yes he is a republican, however the Heritage Foundation scores him at 59% with makes him a RINO … so he votes with the democrats and not the conservative issues.  Democrats and RINO’s just don’t get it.  It’s sad.

      14. he may have a rep  on his plate but what it should say is rhino. that is not a republican he is quasi rep that is really a democrat. its like a blue dog dem only thye vote lock step if there vote is needed if not they nay and lie to there voters!

      15. We have the Patriot Act, TSA, Dept. of Homeland Security and a significant increase in defense budgets–not to mention two extremely costly and inefficient wars–thanks to the GOP. You’re welcome.

      16. Lets keep this simple Tim Webster.
        You are an idiot.
        And probly a Democrat as well.
        But I’m being redundant, aren’t I ?

      17. I’m sure you meant to say that “voting Republican blindly will help you end up with a guy like Ron Paul or Mitt Romney in office…..”

      18. makes no difference who you vote for. BOTH parties are bought and paid for by the big banking families that rule the world.

      19. So you complain about partisanship then make partisan claims yourself? Voting Democrat blindly got us Barack Obama, and everyone in America knows how that is working out, great for welfare recipients and unions, terrible for everyone else.

    2. I just… I don’t even…  This has to just be a really bad troll attempt… since the bill was introduced by a republican and the senate version was blocked by a democrat.

      Not even counting the fact that there are people from both major parties in support of AND against both SOPA and PIPA.

      If this one was trolling, what is the guy’s response below supporting him supposed to be? Wow..

      1. The fact-challenged all-caps troll has 109 “likes” and your fact-based response has 2 “likes” – a commentary on the pathetic knowledge base of commenters here. We all live in Ronald Reagan’s world now. 1984 really was 1984.

      2. The fact-challenged all-caps troll has 109 “likes” and your fact-based response has 2 “likes” – a commentary on the pathetic knowledge base of commenters here. We all live in Ronald Reagan’s world now. 1984 really was 1984.

    3. This bill was introduced by a Republican, Lamar Smith (R-Tex) and supported by a bi-partisan group of 12 co-sponsors.  There’s little difference between the GOP and the DNC but there’s enough diffence for me to side with the Republicans as the “lesser” of the two evils.  Barely, though.
      I used to be Democrat but that party left ME about 20 years ago.  Barack Obama (Reid, Pelosi, etc.) are beyond the pale — they’re characters straight out of “Atlas Shrugged”!

    4. Wow.  Your conjecture is WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY off base.  It was introduced in the House by Texas Republican congressman Lamar Smith.

      I can understand why you’d come to that conclusion with no actual knowledge.  This is just one more way that dems and reps are masquerading as liberals and conservatives.  You will know them by their statist fruit.

      Now, if you want to actually change anything, I suggest voting for Ron Paul in your primary.  Is is not cut from statist cloth.  Sure he can’t write legislation, but he can sure veto the hell out of it. 

    5. Do a little research, the Sopa Bill was written by a REPUBLICAN!  The same party that seeks to protect us from ourselves.   There is no longer any party of small government. 

    6. This has nothing to do with party politics.  This is about corporatocracy… companies buying legislation.  Any clown in government can be bought, from either side.

      Incidentally from what I understand it’s the republican portion of the voting body that has (primarily) been bought – so might be best to get all the facts in place before hitting the caps lock.

    7. If you pull the curtain back, what you will probably find is that the internet’s largest companies either lobbied for, or worse, proposed much of the SOPA legislation.

      It’s what America has become now. Fascist in a sense because the biggest companies team up with the government to write legislation that makes it harder or even impossible for small players to survive in a market.

      BIG business teams up with BIG government seeking to legalize monopolies, divide up the pie (market share) amongst themselves & then socialize their losses (bailouts.)

    8. Actually, this bill is the brainchild of Lamar Smith, Republican form Texas. He’s the one that came up with this shit, and he’s the one trying to ram it up all of our unlubed, middle class anuses.

  7. We have to stop govt from getting into every aspect of our lives. There are other ways to combat piracy besides giving the govt more control over us. I’m very surprised Godaddy will not side with the people on this. I will be writing my representatives (if you can call them that) and let them know how I feel about this further intrusion on our lives.

  8. where were you guys when the CEO was shooting elephants? I’m already long gone from GoDaddy. And PS yeah republicans are against intrusion – let’s see patriot act, against pro choice, gay marriage…

  9. I was a customer of Mr Parsons years ago back when there were not a lot of alternatives to network solutions ‘take us or take your chances’ attitude towards customer service. But it became apparent very soon (and I am sorry I cannot recall the precise timeline) that Godaddy was A) all about the hardselling of many add-on services of questionable value. and B) Mr Parsons trying to raise his own personal image into some sort of puny version of Mark Cuban. Ick. Nothing like someone with nothing to say cramming it down your throat at every opportunity because they have erected some sort of platform with which to do so. Classless. Whatever comeuppance comes of this to him is justice well earned. He really needed to just be the best domain registrar he could be and stop there.

    1. Not to mention they urinate a good chunk of their customers’ money on a race car that only turns left… Wonder how much of your bill is funding that? I’d prefer they spent it on bigger pipes myself…

  10. Democrats support censorship (read control) when their man is in office.  They oppose wars when the other party’s man is in office.   The Republicans support censorship when their man is in office and support wars whoever is in office.   On the whole,  Democrats are more supportive of SOPA then Republicans.  However, you can’t trust anyone who has been inside the beltway for a few years.   TERM LIMITS…TERM LIMITS!!!!!.   6 YEARS IN CONGRESS AND THEN GET A REAL JOB.

  11. GoDaddy has an inferior service anyway in my opinion. I prefer a host with standard cPanel myself… Also I’ve found when I update CSS files sometimes the page doesn’t change for about half an hour which seems to be some sort of caching issue. No tears in my beer over them losing a bit of business.

  12. Break out of the left/right paradigm.  There is BI-PARTISAIN support for this bill.  Both parties are corrupt and bought off, no longer working for the people.  Divide and conquer is their strategy and as long you pick a side and cheer for them like they are the good team, we all lose.  Obama sucks, Bush sucked, both sides are shredding the Constitution, both sides are warmongers, both sides are protecting the banks that crashed the economy.  Wake up already!

  13. Stay in denial, progressives hate this country and dream of the day they can destroy it. 

    Don’t believe me, just listen to them, they are not even ashamed of it anymore. 

  14. Go Daddy, behind their corporate veil of being a renegade, is held by the proverbial nuts**k because they, in reality are subject to governmental regs!.  Remember, the Internet is STILL a government DARPA controlled project.  Therefore in the name of National Security and the Home Land Security laws, they too must become a sheep!  The emperor still wears no clothes!

  15. Why is SOPA an abomination? I’m no fan of the movie or music industries, by why should people be able to steal their intellectual property? 

    1. It forces everyone to be a policeman for free.  No one is complaining about someone being able to swear-out a complaint and ask for the government to investigate and enforce their intellectual property rights, but this bill is far more intrusive.

  16. both democrats and republicans are puppets for the police state.. from the internet to police on the streets to tsa at the airport regular everyday citizens are being treated like we are the bad ones.. we are without a question in a police state and by shutting down the internet they want to silence free thinking .. the internet is waking people up to what is really happening..

    1. Very well said, Liberals and conservatives should join together in opposing this assault on our freedom by corporate interests. Generations have fought and died for our freedom. We should not give it up so easily.

  17. I laughed when the Obama supporting Ninjavideo got taken out by Obama’s Justice Department. They used to put up all his speeches and documentaries and talk about how he was their guy. What they failed to realize is he and the Democrats get a lot of money from Hollywood. Google and Facebook also are huge Democrat donors, so you get what you ask for.

  18. Democrats are killing the American spirit by dividing our beloved nation.  When one disagrees, you do not lean on terms such as racist, misogynist, or terrorist. Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Holder, Waters and so on continue to divide this nation with their rhetoric only for their own personal gain.  If you look into the wealth accumulated through policy they were directly tied to any person can see its a play.  Not that Republicans are any different, but at least they aren’t dividing this nation with toxic rhetoric.  Obama…  Wall St vs Main St., the 1%, the haves vs. the have not’s.  How was your 4 million dollar vacation this holiday season?  America, vote smart.. get rid of the incumbents.  Occupiers if you really want to make a difference go to K Street or the White House…  Americans are starving while these pols et al are dining fine and living a life of grandeur on your blood, sweat and tears…  Get angry America… Bills like this are designed to suppress the flow of information. Bills like this are supported by the like of Go Daddy execs as a way to get corporate tax breaks etc… The perks of oppression.

  19. Many want a free internet with no restrictions, but the USA is becoming more dependent on intellectual property, as we have lost our manufacturing base to China.  SOPA ensures that we will not lose our remaining jobs by protecting the property that many work hard to produce.  GoDaddy has to find their moral compass and support this bill.

  20. to all the PARTY LOVERS .. get your govt off my back out of my life and delete yourself form the internet.. this need to regulate everything is infurating . all the govt in the USA need go part time and is needs to be run by citizens not life time self apponited pin heads who pass law that they dont follow or ensure thier total control over the masses.. wait did we not defeat the communist in the cold war..SO HOW IN THE HELL DID THEY GET ELECTED TO OFFICE … THROW THESE TWITS IN TO THE GULAG THEY CREATED.

  21. The best way to prevent SOPA from passing is to emphasize how it will cost 1000s of jobs and won’t even stop piracy at all. If people keep publicizing two points, then I don’t see how any politician could still support it, especially with an election year coming up.

    Right now, most are supporting it because they think it will help fight against piracy. Once it’s explained that the bill will crush and hamstring one of the few bright spots left in the economy, while not doing a damn thing to stop piracy, I hope politicians will come around.

    So, yes boycotting Go Daddy is nice, but really to stop this everyone should hit the phones and get in touch with your local congressmen telling them how horrid this legislation is.

  22. So let’s see.  If you design a better mouse-trap and someone steals the plans and you don’t make any money on your invention, you will bring all the forces of the federal government to bare on the those who stole your product.  But if someone creates an intellectual property, you believe it is yours for the taking, and that there should be no protection for the creator of that property?   Wow.

  23. All of the Democrat bashers are actually government provocateurs trying to divide and conquer well-intentioned Americans who know that this bill is bad REGARDLESS of who it came from.  They know we are too strong to put up with this kind of tyranny if we stick together.

  24. Why go after GoDaddy only?  There are (were) over 60 companies who openly supported SOPA.  If you want to make a stand go after the rest as well.  Time Warner being one of them.  Makes no sense to protest a single company when there are scads of them involved.

  25. WRONG. That’s just the number of domains who changed their nameservers, NOT the number of domains who changed providers. Domain owners change their nameservers all the time, so it’s not really a bit deal, but there have definitely been tens of thousands of transferred domains because GoDaddy decided to f*** with Reddit.

  26. SOPA will kill the freedom of the Internet. Anyone will be able to shut down any site, no matter how big, by even -claiming- copyright infringement. This will undoubtedly by leveraged to the hilt by liberals to shut down any conservative web site, corporate web site, etc. they can get their hands on. The only way to prevent a shut-down will be to remove all user-supplied content, which means liberals will essentially own the Internet, and by extension, public opinion. Even if conservatives fight back using the same dirty tactics, the bad guys will have won – the Internet will be heavily regulated by the government, and big government essentially equates to socialism. You can bet radio will be next, a la “Fairness Doctrine”.

    Now, should Godaddy pay for supporting SOPA, even in a covert manner? Perhaps yes. I’ve been a long-time Godaddy customer, but I may consider using a local hoster for new clients from now on. Godaddy’s phone support hasn’t been nearly as helpful for the past few years anyway – they always send you to the online chat for anything moderately complicated, and there are a few things that ought to be working out of the box (for instance, mail logs on their virtual dedicated servers) that don’t, and which they won’t configure for free. Not that that will necessarily affect most people, but it makes life difficult for me.

  27. The candidate that wins the presidential office  is  better qualified and automatically will make better decisions versus the current president that has made all the wrong decisions and spent tax payer money like a drunk with half of the money going overseas for redistribution of wealth and more to fund competing business in green projects which are failures and to drill oil which he will not allow here. Newt would make a remarkable president over what we have. ABO. Anybody but obama would make a fine president. It just don’t matter who it is. There has been no cuts to the money spending with tax payers on the hook. I just don’t think the news media nor the people understand this just isn’t going to go on.

  28. Stop Online Piracy? OK, thats fine, we have Copyright and Trademark LAWS for a reason.

    Notice – “LAWS” in capital letters.


    This is not about “copyright” or “LAW” or “right”…

    This is about a phrase, memorize it:


    Someone selling your new movie on line instead of you? Fine, collect
    evidence, take them before a JURY and when/if the JURY finds guilt, THEN
    issue an order to CEASE AND DECIST and award damages.

    But, theres been a move a-foot to -(repeat after me)


    and how it ususally goes is “there is a situation which has ocurred in
    the past which we NOW, conveniently declare a CRISIS, so in order to
    deal with a CRISIS (we have invented- not that copyright infrigement has
    been invented, it already existed, but the CRISIS has been fabricated)
    then we dont have time to bother with the CONSTITUTION and DUE PROCESS
    OF LAW.

    Its how it was in WACO.

    The Legislation is partly about legal process against web hosters who so
    far, have been held absolutely harmless while all manner of CRIMINAL
    activity has gone across their servers.

    The worst of it has been the US GOVERNMENTS illegal actity, namely,
    ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE of emails, hacking computerst etc…

    But now, apparently the outcry from Corporations who are losing a lot of
    revenue is competing against the Governments phoney terrorist crisis
    from which their “the sky is falling so we must abandon DUE PROCESS, and
    exceeding the stranglehold our corrupt Government has on the questions.

    Look up Dial/Coins



  29. They just won’t get it. These people play ping pong, tag team, taking turns screwing us equally and they are able to keep up the gig by introducing a new puppet every 4 or 8 years under the pretence of a difference. There is no difference between Bush and Obama..or Obama and Gengrich, or Gingrich and Perry..they would continue this agenda of Globalization regardless of who “wins” the election. I love the” at least”, and” even though” people, as in; “even though Bush lied us into war and murdered countless innocent people and killed scores of U.S soldiers based on that lie, signed into law the Patriot act and other unconstitutional legislation, at least he didn’t unconstitutionally start 2 more wars without congressional approval, murder U.S citizens with no due process, and sign into law the NDAA and SOPA bills”. This logic is flawed and ridiculous, They are both equally guilty of crimes against the very constitution they were sworn to protect and uphold. I guess it boils down to who do you like screwing you more, the elepahnt or the donkey? they all work for the same power structure, and right now that power structure has to collapse America in order to construct this NWO, (google George Bush sr. speach on the “New World Order” dated Sept. 11 1991, yes, 10 years to the DAY the towers fell). We wont even recognize the real enemies if we keep wasting our energy on these puppet punching bags……..

  30. I am trying i imagine what impact my thoughts on the SOPA bill would be if only this story explained what the hell it was?

  31. I do have archived web pages and forums from the early 90’s where we discussed this exact occurence.Dims would jump on us netizens like flies to ,well,you know.Free speech is an anathema to control.

  32. Democrats and a few RINO’s are pushing this bill … HR 3261.  Unions are in full support such as; Screen Actors Guild, International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) , American Federation of Musicians , “As the Guilds and Unions that represent more than 400,000 craftspeople, actors, technicians, directors, musicians, recording artists and others whose creativity is at the heart of the American entertainment industry, we applaud Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Ranking Member John Conyers (D-MI), and Congressmen Howard Berman (D-CA) and Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) along with several other Members of Congress, for introducing HR 3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act today.

  33. Online piracy has been promoted for many years by major company i.e. Disney, AOL, Warner Music Group, AT&T, CBS, Microsoft and they have made millions. Now the very same companies are promoting SOPA and crying for piracy! It’s all about controlling the internet. 

  34. Only 72,000?  People are tripping over their own feet to get as far away as they can, and with good reason!!!

    DAILY the ruling class takes more and more of our liberty!!  Obama and his untrained chimps were salivating when they read how the Queen of Argentina nationalized the print industry and will now only sell to those papers who are in her pocket.  THIS is what socialist/one party rulers do, weather Nazi or Communist it’s always the same, just look at the scum bag in the WHITE house now!!

  35. Ecks sic ad nominum et kudite et negroni et hubris. Go Diddi ecks naddalutci et pictulate. Anada et anada cum bistrnium. 

    Abou se niccolini et subleato nute.

    Etu, adu, satu.

  36. And while we plebes fight with each other, all of the facists in our government, no matter the ‘party’ continue to introduce legislation that curtails our GOD GIVEN rights.  Yes, GOD GIVEN, not given by man, or any government.  Those facists in D.C., both partys, seem to have forgotten that.  I have 43 domains hosted by GoDaddy, and by the end of next week, I will have 0 domains hosted by them.

  37. My wife and I were having a discussion about protecting Liberty. Who make the bigger sheep. Republicans or Democrats? 

    For the record I am against SOPA and believe its’ another example of the Rs and Ds in Congress putting our Freedom up for sale bit by bit. Only this time they are selling off a big hunk of it. 

    Maybe its time to get angry about this and make them accountable,

  38. I think we may be reaching the point where we need a third party that stands for freedom. The Rs and the Ds each take turns playing good cop and bad cop as they take away more of our freedom. They only care about holding onto power.

    If the Rs defeat SOPA, then I will be convinced they should have a second chance.

  39. Congressmen and Congresswomen are the real pirates. They use the police powers of the state to guarantee special privileges for special and corporate interests. SOPA will only be the next example if we let them get away with it.

    That sad thing is they sell our freedom off so cheaply. Generations have paid for it with their lives. Congress – like a crack whore – wants to squander it for campaign contributions,

    1. In this particular case can you cite any evidence or are you just repeating something that’s been said over and over?

      1. I’ve been in state government and have seen how campaign contributions buy votes. I know only to well how the system works.

  40. Ron Paul is the only candidate that isn’t a traitorous, anti-constitution demagogue and will actually reverse these tyrannical trespasses against our innate liberty as individuals. If you love all the illegal wars, dismantled civil liberties, economic depression and the exponential police state springing up around us; by all means vote for one of these establishment tools in 2012, but if you value your freedom and support the US Constitution as a bulwark against criminal government, vote RON PAUL 2012!

  41. Morons. Republican and democrat are one in the same. Get a grip on reality. Kill all monopolistic corporations with what little dollars you have left.

    1. Starting with the largest one of them all, government. You’re kidding yourselves if you think this Occupy bullsh!t is a good idea, asking government to remove ‘greed’ from corporate America is like asking a pedophile to be your elementary school’s bathroom attendant, come on people, wake up. Vote with your dollars, I agree completely with that part, and that’s the beauty, you can always vote against corporate interests with dollars, you can’t do the same with government. Go Daddy will feel the pain, isn’t that nice to be able to have that affect? Now, let’s vote out every incumbant in Congress and the White House.

  42. This is s Republican sponsored bill. Republicans represents the corporations.  The corporation that are supporting this bill are actually funding the Republicans and some Democrats that support this bill.

    This bill is to protect the Music and Movie industry. 

    All you have to do is follow the money.  Just like when UPS supported a bill to privatize the United State Post Office.  A bunch of Republican Retards supported it.

    1. Joe Biden has by far the worst record on supporting the RIAA and MPAA of any politician. The office of the vice president is in bed with them. You’re deluding yourself if you think its just a Republican problem.

  43. Just because some Rhino introduced a bill, doesn’t make it a Repub effort.  Remember all the money for SOPA comes from Hollywood.  Duh?

  44. 1) The boycott wasn’t supposed to start until the 29th.  IT HASNT HAPPENED YET.
    2) GoDaddy already announced it withdrew all support of SOPA.  So the boycott is pointless.

  45. GoDaddy is learning this lesson the hard way: GoDaddy, you try to screw over We The People, and We The People will screw YOU over in the end by putting your raggedy-ass company out of business.

  46. The reason they supported SOPA is because they got their $$$ to play along hoping it would lead to more $$$ with some lucrative contracts out of Hollywood. Now they realized $$$ is irrelevant and will lead to bankruptcy when people leave.

    Hey what can i say GoDaddy you reap what you sow, and you deserve to go bankrupt.

  47. Damn we need no more laws Congress should focus on the 15 trillion they over spent that we will have to pay for for years.  I have my domain in another country and Godaddy could only half mess me up last time.  I don’t trust them or the Government!

  48. I think we should all go camp in a park!  That made a difference last time…oh wait…never mind…

    Both parties suck, and so does Ron Paul.

    Sit on my fist.

  49. People, this isn’t a D vs R issue. This is a business/govt reaction to the ongoing power struggle.  to control the general populous . (by control, I don’t me in some conspiracy sort of way, more so in a way to sedate and make max profit without objection). People, can’t you see its a trick? There are already laws to thwart piracy,  copyright infringement, and the like. This bill is set to remove due process, and install power, not law. It would be like the govt installing cameras in EVERYONE’S home and acting on anything that looks to be illegal by means of the strictest form of the law without any judicial process. 

    In the end, it won’t work, because The internet has grown to become the voice of the world all to quick, that any censorship of it, will be quickly countered by those with the know-how. 

    The reason to oppose this bill, is to show those in charge, that we the people have a voice, and we’re free to speak now. There’s no need to censor us, no need to place restrictions on us. In the end, everyone will  have  a say. Fighting it, will only build resistance and make for a stronger outcome. 

  50. Unfortunatly, your pure idology does not exist any more, which, I believe, is @Tim Webster’s point.  

    The extreme right wants to keep it all and give themselves large bonuses, when the economy is at its worst. The extreme left wants to give it all away, screw our children and our future. The middle class is…stuck in the middle.

  51. I can’t believe the power of the lobbyists in the US. This bill will kill the Internet as we use it today. How can anybody tell the truly original source of something? Internet is viral, it’s the most democratic medium people have in order to communicate. I am shocked to see this bill under a democrat government!

  52. 1. No, I won’t. My self interest=/= to the best track for the country. Some of us are capable of realising that what’s best for the country is going to be better for us in the long run than bread and circuses. The rest of you have been voting for fake healthcare reform. 

    2. Possibly. I just happen to disagree with what it means to protect the little guy. 
    As for the rest, I find it likely you need to apply every bit of your post to yourself–the Dems are just as bad as the Repugs.

  53. It is in our right to go against a private company that does not hold its customers interest in mind. That is what is wonderful about a company, we as consumers can decide not to support them for doing something we deem wrong.

    People standing against something they don’t believe in,in mass like they did with GoDaddy sends a message, and the message is that if your business relies on the support of those who use the internet. It is probably wise to back as far away from SOPA as possible.

    I would have been happier if GoDaddy went out of business for their support. To set a precedent going forward.

  54. I keep godaddy closer than any friend. Our toleration is as mutual as our mortal embrace. Blessed be..

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