GoDaddy’s first Super Bowl ad is a little less sexist than usual. A little.


GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad

GoDaddy has built a name for itself through elephant-shooting CEOs, SOPA support, and sexist television ads that depict women in ways that are supposed to make men salivate before running to their computer to register their domain. The first ad that has hit the web for this year’s batch of Super Bowl commercials is less sexist than normal. Yes, there are beautiful women, but much less skin than we’re accustomed to from the registrar.

The initial idea of the ad is pretty clever. It shows several men from around the world who apparently have the same idea. One man ends up acting on the idea and is thus given the right to say respond to a question from the flight attendant with, “More everything, sky waitress.”

Everyone then laughs for no apparent reason, including the pilot, Danica Patrick. They just couldn’t make it through an entire 30 second clip without demeaning women in some way.


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