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Google Collaboration Business Tools

Microsoft may be trying (and failing) to slow Google’s emergence into business productivity with their Google Apps for Business, but Google is heading in the other direction by demonstrating that they may just have the technology end of it figured out. That’s been the complaint of Microsoft, but Google insists that their products can be just as slick.

Their latest marketing video for business apps highlights the reason that some (not many yet, but some) are switching from traditional Microsoft products to the more-collaborative Google variations. Whether they can be robust enough for business is still a concern, but the collaboration component seems to be scoring well for Google.

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  1. What an absolute JOKE this article is. Sweetie..stick to thinks that girls know, like make up and blow jobs.

    How is Microsoft failing? Google is not being used by businesses. MS Office hasn’t lost ANY market share over the last few years. NO self respecting company is using Google Docs.

    I know idiots want to desperately believes that everyone loves Google and thinks they always have the best products and they shoot to the top of the market every time they enter on…but the fact is, they have NEVER conquered a market since Search and advertising. So pretty much 10 years of failure. Failures like Google Video. Google Checkout. Wave. Buss. Google+. NONE of which phased the market leader one bit.

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