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Every time there is a new smart phone put on the market, millions of people flock to the release in hopes of getting their hands on one on that opening day. However, what if technology changed and the smart phones of the past moved forward to what Google is now testing called Project Glass?

What if we can explore and share everything about our world and everyday lives without pressing buttons? Google’s Project Glass is taking technology out of your hands and is instead putting it right in your face. Well, not literally in your face, but right in your view.

Here is what it looks like:

Now, while this could be an inconvenience to some, the possibilities that Project Glass could provide are endless. Taking pictures, setting reminders, checking in on Facebook and getting directions become simple tasks using voice commands and simple gestures.

Here is a video that Google released giving viewers an idea of what Project Glass can do.

First take on this new technology could be that it can interrupt your own view, but the notices of certain obstacles you’ll run into during the day (such as the subway closure in the video) could be an intriguing part of this project. Plus the ability to share your view with others and take pictures at what you’re looking at without having to reach for your phone is pretty cool.

While little is known on when Google Project Glass will be available or what it will fully be capable of, the little insight given out already leaves people wanting to see more; wanting to see what kind of technology is being put out there.

Project Glass along with Google’s driverless technology could change the view on technology for everybody that uses it.

Google is certainly stepping up their game and something like this could open a whole new wave of advances to how we communicate and share our world. Google’s introduction for Project Glass begins with “We think technology should work for you – to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.” So far, it seems like that idea will be working for the new Project Glass.

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