Homemade GoPro array mixes action sports with Matrix camera work


GoPro Array

What happens when you combine 15 GoPro cameras, some talented extreme athletes, and a ton of ingenuity? You get The Matrix, only without guns or metallic insects bent on destroying humanity.

The fact that the effects aren’t as fluid or smooth as the Hollywood version of the multi-angle cinematography technique commonly referred to as “bullet time” doesn’t take away from the amazing scenes. If anything, it gives it a modern discontinuity that adds even more depth to the mind blowing effects.

It starts simply. “Hi, I’m Mark, and this is my GoPro array.”

From there, the eyes are treated to some extreme sports, martial arts, rock and roll, and even high flame cooking scenes. Unlike many attempts at these types of videos, the music isn’t a distraction and is actually quite pleasant. This is definitely a video to watch in HD.


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