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How things would change if every roof had solar panels

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar power has long been perceived as the answer to many of our energy woes. It is relatively efficient, extremely renewable, and as clean as it comes. It’s also extremely expensive when compared to the “dirty fuels” of coal, oil, and even natural gas. If it were possible to put solar panels on every roof, what impact would it have?

Is it even conceivable?

According to Techvert, “It will be very easy for trolls and skeptics to take jabs at the concept. It’s impractical, expensive, inefficient, and extremely unlikely to ever happen in any of our lifetimes. Still, one should ask, ‘What if?'”

The folks over at 1 Block Off the Grid explore the scenario and show what the benefits and potential downfalls are to the concept. In theory, it makes total sense as the real estate on top of buildings is currently unused by the vast majority of them. If it ever became practical and logistically feasible to do it, the world would be changed forever.

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Solar on the Roof

What do you think?

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