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Chevy Spark Chevy Spark

How to market to millennials: the quirky car

In the age of the millennial, things have to be a little weird to get some attention. Couple the weirdness with a generally low starting salary of the typical millennial, and marketing becomes somewhat challenging. For a typical car manufacturer, sleek lines and stylish design equal massive sales to elder generations, but is this the best way to market to the millennial? For the Gen Y crowd, quirkiness is key, and auto makers are catering to those needs.

Chevy Spark

We’ve all seen the fun and funky cars on the highways and byways, and there is at least one that we all find the slightest bit cute. Ever wondered what’s under the hood of those cars or what features they offer? Not only are they unique and cool, but most automakers have been able to keep the price tag well under $20K. Funky and affordable, a car after every millennials heart!

Kia debuted their boxy, little fun machine by featuring a commercial with driving hamsters, and have created a monster in terms of fun and targeted advertising. The base model of the Kia Soul starts out at a hair over $15000, and has a ton of cool features including Bluetooth, USB inputs, and Sirius XM Satellite radio. This SUV(ish) vehicle also has a boatload of safety features, one of which is impact sensing airbags that can tell the severity of a collision and inflate the airbags accordingly, thus reducing potential injuries. Driving hamsters can’t be wrong; at an affordable price and super adorable, the Kia Soul is a great choice for any Gen Y-er looking for a new car.

Nissan combined the reputation they’ve come to be known for and an entertaining design when they created the Cube. The Nissan Cube boasts a 30MPG highway gas mileage and an incredibly distinctive rear window that wraps around the side of the vehicle. They’ve also loaded this little car with safety features that will thrill your parents if this was your car of choice. Packed with advanced air bags, a stellar traction control system, and an unsurpassed set of brakes. A $2000 upgrade to the next trim level will net you climate control for the interior similar to that of central air for your home. Weighing in at a little under $17K, the Cube possesses the Nissan stamp of approval.

Not to be outdone, Honda released the Fit, a tiny, but powerful little car that will still assist in releasing your inner child. An astounding 33MPG in the city makes this car worth every bit of space you’d be sacrificing by not buying a Civic. The EX model of this car has every single feature you want, like the patented LaneWatch technology that assists in merging and changing lanes on the highway and push button start. The ECON button will also help to maximize fuel economy, thus lessening the money you’re spending at the pumps.

The Spark is the cutest model offered by classic American automaker Chevrolet. Starting at just over $14000, and cute as a button, the Spark 1LT comes in an array of funky colors and offers all the techy features the average millennial craves. As the Spark is a GM car, it features OnStar for 6 months, which can be an incredible convenience. 10 different airbags and an electronic stability control system also makes this car not only cute, but safe as well. The Chevy name doesn’t disappoint with this highly rated and gas efficient little car.

Fiat is known for being quirky and having a hilarious Super Bowl commercial. The Fiat 500 comes in four different trim levels, each one coming in under $20000. Offered in 15 colors that will help you rock your personality, this quirky little car bests the pack with a whopping 135 horsepower engine. Driver and passenger seat memory are standard on every trim level, as are a plethora of USB outlets, cup holders, and an MP3 capable sound system. This car is more than just a funny commercial.

Relatively new to the scene, Scion has become recognizable for producing affordable cars that are still stylish enough to turn heads. Not wanting to be outdone when it came to the tiny car market, Scion added a little originality to their lineup as well with the Scion iQ. The rear seats fold flat for extra room, both driver and passenger windows have an auto up/down feature, and a sound system designed by stereo giant Pioneer. Not only does it come loaded with exciting options that you don’t expect to find in a car under $20000, but it also comes equipped with Scion’s Star Safety System, ensuring you’ll get where you want to go safely.

If you’re in the market for an exciting new car and budget constraints are a concern, one of these eccentric models may be right for you. Full of fun and whimsy, these models are all designed for maximum gas mileage, great times, and a head turning drive.

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Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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