How we can save for our Golden years [Infographic]

How we can save for our Golden years

It has been predicted by the year 2025 there will be two U.S. workers for every retiree- that is a sad statistic since many people aim to retire by the time they hit 50. That number has certainly changed over the years and increased by the numbers since it looks like many of us Americans are no longer saving money towards retirement.

In today’s economy we are expectant to retire at the age of 67 or up, if at all. So now is a good time as any to not only begin saving but planning properly so you can enjoy your Golden years without worry or fear. Depending on your age you can learn what you need to do, so you can be one of the Americans that actually get to retire.

In the following infographic you will be able to educate yourself on retirement planning facts & advice so you are not left in the dark or stuck working forever.



[Golden nest egg concept for retirement savings image via shutterstock]

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