I’d love to tell you all about Al Gore’s speech at SXSW but I was kicked out


Al Gore SXSW 2013

Given the options of sitting far, far away in the mezzanine or trying to sneak up to the front with the journalists, I opted to take a shot. You can’t blame me for trying.

The result was that I got to hear the first 10 minutes of what sounded like an interesting beginning to Vice President Al Gore talking about “The Future”, the name of his new book. In it, he talks about technology and how the advancements as well as our actions will affect the climate and a bunch of other things. If it sounds ambiguous, it’s because less than ten minutes in, I got tapped on the shoulder and asked to leave the area set aside for real journalists. Without my magic blue badge, I was in the wrong place.

I’ll be reporting more about SXSW when I get back, but for now, take solace in knowing that we’re trying.


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