Instagram’s 17 month journey from nil to bill(ion)


Instagram Billion

There are already questions surrounding Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for $1 billion yesterday. Was it a talent purchase (of 13 employees)? Is it the peak of social media purchases before the bubble starts bursting? Is Facebook only interested in companies with zero revenue? Is this a play against Google+? Twitter?

There’s one question that was clearly answered: “How do you build a billion dollar company in 17 months?”

In this Instagram Infographic, takes us down the path that started in March, 2010, when Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger raised $500,000 in seed funding for burbn, better known today as Instagram.

Instagram Infographic

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  1. Is it just me or was this too short? Seemed like an intro to a long and extensive article

    I noticed the infographic, but it’s too hard to read and set up nothing like the other’s I’ve seen, just a bunch of Instagram shots.

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