Introducing Macintosh. For the LEGO lovers among us.


Introducing Macintosh Lego

In 1984, Apple changed the world. They introduced Macintosh computers with a commercial directed by Ridley Scott that is arguably the most famous tech ad ever put on television. This overshadowed another advertisement, a print ad, that Apple distributed called, “Introducing Macintosh. For the rest of us.”

For those who weren’t around 30 years ago or who simply love LEGO, artist Chris McVeigh recreated the subject image of the ad for us in epic LEGO fashion. According to CNET:

Based in Halifax, Canada, McVeigh has designed custom builds and images for Gizmodo, Esquire Malaysia, and Toronto magazine Spacing. When he first gets an idea for the classic Mac or, as seen in the gallery below, a vintage camera, he uses Lego’s modeling app for designers, Lego Digital Designer.

Here’s the original ad followed by the 1984 video.

Introducing Macintosh.


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