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Steve vs Larry Steve vs Larry

iOS vs Android

Steve vs Larry

As Google and Apple continue to grow in the mobile market, Android and iOS are quickly becoming the predominant operating systems for phones and tablets. There are many statistics to look at and comparisons to be made. Here, we present a visualization tackling the debate.

Thanks to our friends at Hunch, we now know that Android users are 10% more likely to be men. We know that iOS users are 50% more likely to have been on the internet before 1992. We know who is more likely to prefer General Tso’s Chicken over Pad Thai. It may not be the most important demographic data, but it’s definitely interesting.

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iOS vs Android

  1. Absolutely awful. More information, and a few actual GRAPHICS are required for this “inforgraphic.” The statistics presented need some context, or some figures behind them. “10% more likely to be men” and “18% more likely to be women” is an awfully unclear way to put it.

  2. lmaoed here, epic fail survey again, many ‘smart’ tech sites did surveys like this and all were failers why you did same shit. %50 of iphone users used internet before 1992, ahaha, can u really say that also for %50 of worldwide iphone users? i tell you that, %50 of iphone users even dont know how to install an application when they grap their phones.

    waste of time. spesific group surveys for worldwide technologies and what we should understand from this useless fight? if i spend over 200k dollars in a year how that prove an software better than other one, please for sake, spend your times for better things like *fap fap*

    1. Android users:
      100% more likely to fail to understand an infographic.80% more likely to be offended by an infographic
      60% less likely to understand the difference between “more likely” and “of total”

  3. Both have  plus and negative, it depends on the user and i have both ! and thank you for the Informatics

  4. What a great comparison, i really like it and i have to change my mind when i need  to upgrade my phone

  5. WTF is with all the Fandriods wanting to dominate iOS and constantly flooding every single comment section with “Andriod is better-has more features-more control” replies. Love or hate Apple/Jobs but if the iPhone never came out we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The world would only be Blackberries and Symbian. iOS is extremely functional and user friendly. I’m not sure what “control” you are speaking of because it does 99% tasks for 99% of the people. Yes there might be 1% of actual tech nerds that need some open source functionality but that doesn’t represent the population.

    Before you even start typing “typical Apple fanboy” I have 2 ANDRIOD devices only!

  6. Hillarious … who dreamt this?
    Do evrything as simple and conformative you can – turn off your brain and trust in Apple products and their restrictive politics

  7. I’m personally an iPhone user but this stuff looks way too biased towards iPhone users. No lots of friends I know who use android – yes a few are geeks – but so many of them are just ppl wanting to save some money and not particularly attached to Apple-fandom. I call bull-sh**.

  8. Truly Android User here! I really really like the statistics. Yes, Im PC user, prefer yahoo mail, prefer functions over style and looks,  introvert and so on….
    Im a man too!
    BTW SGS II user here!

  9. I was a android user. Had galaxy s2 then wi dows phone came, i switched to it. Windows phone is good for businessmen checking mails etc and a lot of other things (except entertainment )
    Now i own an iphone 5 and an ipad mini. And i will never buy another device ever again! Apple is best!. Ios is soo smooth! Android is way behind compared to ios in terms of quality and security!

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Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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