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The Apple iPhone 4s is just not another pretty face with sleek design and glorious interface. The iPhone is designed with what could be the best camera to be installed in a phone on the market! This 8 megapixel camera phone comes with a tremendous amount of features to make every picture that much better. Whether you are a shutter bug, or just someone who wants a camera for life on the go, the iPhone 4s has stepped it up from prior models with a higher dynamic of color range, larger f/2.4 aperture, inferred filter, multiple focal points, intergraded editing software and all powered by Apple’s mighty A5 chip. The iPhone 4s will allow you to capture the true essence of life in all your pictures.

With the Apple iPhone’s ever growing popularity there has been a vast amount of products, covers, apps, and attachments to increase your iPhone experience. One series of products that caught my eye is the ever-growing photography associated products. While apple has not made these products, other third party/after-market companies have cashed in on Apple’s technology and taken it a step farther.  Amazon and eBay offer a wide verity of lens, tripods, telescopes, external flashes and wearable video cameras to help create a more enjoyable photographic experience all working in conjunction with your phone.

As someone who is very impressed with their iPhone and a fan of photography you can only imagine how much I favor the idea of being able to attach an external lens like a SLR (Single Lens Reflex) and getting a longer zoon on my iPhone camera. There are companies like Olloclip, HDE, Jelly and Eye Scope that sell slip on or magnetic, or case based fisheye, wide angle, macro lens and telephoto lens that allows you to get up close for the purpose of examining small objects or to shoot at distances as high as 8x the standard Zoom of your iPhone. Other photography products sold for your iPhone include tripods and card readers.

It seems that whatever your photographic needs are, someone is out there trying to improve and aid in your iPhone experience. Forget about what social media site you have access to on your phone or blogs you can read. While camera phones have helped people with their businesses, in pinch, while living life on the go or for their personal lives to capture whatever life calls for, one wonders will the day come where products like the iPhone will replace or join with camera companies eliminating the need own a camera and a phone. Will the idea of the all in one phone camera be the defining final direction of the industry?

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  1. thank you for this great post, iphone is the best mobile phone in the world.

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