Iran’s awesome new stealth fighter that nobody will see in the air


Iranian Stealth Fighter

Should the world be scared because Iran’s new stealth fighter is impossible to see in the air? On the surface, complete invisibility might sound like a great attribute for a stealth fighter. In the case of Iran’s newest bird, the reason you will never see it in the air is because it’s likely unable to fly.

It’s very similar to the story from earlier a couple of weeks ago when the Iranian press released images of their successfully recovered astromonkey that turned out to be a different monkey from the one they actually launched. This time, instead of trying to fool the world with a new monkey, they decided to apply Photoshop to the deception. Nobody can tell whether or not an image has been Photoshopped, right?

To make matters worse, many experts say that the Qaher-313, Iran’s second domestically built jet, couldn’t fly over the mountains if it tried.

The jet, said to combine the features of the US F-35 and the F-22 fighters, could not fly because it was too small and made of plastic, critics claimed. Lacking rivets and bolts, the plane was a miniature model or a working prototype at best, aviation experts said.

They should probably get back to building their nuclear device that they claim is being produced for peaceful energy reasons only. At least that lie is so obvious that bloggers won’t bother embarrassing them over it.

Here it is “in action”.

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