Is technology making the office obsolete? Should it?



Many companies are going virtual. It’s a natural cost-saving trend that reduces the need for physical space and allows workers to telecommute through the various technologies for collaboration and project management that are conducive for allowing people to work from home.

There are distinct advantages and disadvantages. A “less personal” office experience where many or all employees are virtual can hurt employee camaraderie. It can hurt productivity by not allowing for the over-the-shoulder management approach.

Some say it helps productivity, eliminating drive times and keeping people focused in their own natural environments rather than dealing with the distractions often associated with the office and other coworkers. Either way, it will almost always be based upon people’s opinions whether they allow employees to work from home or not.

This flowchart from Mindflash can be used to determine whether it’s a good idea or a bad idea to allow employees to work outside of the office. Click to enlarge.

Employees Working From Home

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