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Edward Snowden 3 Edward Snowden 3

Is the NSA situation actually part of bigger plan?

It’s a rant Thursday, I suppose.

Edward Snowden 3

What has happened in the world that demands that Americans must consider their own government to be an enemy that requires actions of defense? In a very short period of time, the realm that was once controlled by conspiracy theorists has gone mainstream. Millions of Americans are concerned about what the National Security Agency is doing to us behind our backs.

That’s to be expected, of course, given the revelations over the last few months. Still, isn’t it odd that despite the plethora of articles posted every single day about the latest evils coming from Washington DC as well as instructions on how to defend ourselves, there are still very few who are noting that the shift from paranoia to real and present dangers has so easily been achieved.

Yes, that was stated properly. The goal of making us not trust our own government has been “achieved”.

How did a contractor get access to so much damning evidence?

Why were the precautions to prevent him from doing so conveniently lost in the shuffle before he could be stopped?

Why did he reveal himself? His mission was accomplished. He didn’t have to go on video to tell the world that he’s the one who blew the whistle. He could have made his way to a safe life of anonymity before the government or the press even knew about it. He doesn’t seem like an egomaniac wanting attention. He also doesn’t seem like someone who wouldn’t be able to hide out and protect himself with backup plans in case the NSA or CIA caught up with him.

The more that this continues to damn the American government in the eyes of other countries as well as its own citizens, the more it seems like a planned out series of events intended to expose… something.

The strangest part is that if all of this was intentional, the US government itself would have had to be involved. Between the amounts of data accessible to a contractor, the ease in which it was secured, the actions that ran contrary to the perceived plan and personality of the perpetrator, and the scope in which the infractions are covering, this certainly doesn’t jive very well with logic.

Is Edward Snowden doing his “job” in exposing the activities of the NSA, CIA, and other organizations? If so, is he aware as an active participant or is he being played? Most importantly, why would anyone want this to happen?

It’s at that point that I do not want to voice my opinions for fear that I might be right. Nobody in the mainstream media is asking the right questions to the right people. Nobody in the government is doing very much to dispel the concerns.

All of this is insane, of course. Chances are that it’s a perfect storm of espionage, something that the various agencies try to plan for but cannot. The thought that it could be a foreign entity aiding or manipulating Edward Snowden is scary, but at least it makes sense. There are obvious reasons that a ton of countries and organizations would want to see us implode, which is why this possibility might just be the safest.

If the US government is the one in control of his situation, the prospects are absolutely terrifying. A few different reasons for them to want all of this to happen make sense. They’re also extremely ugly and would be intended to truly take down the country.

These are dangerous times of uncertainty, but one thing is clear. It’s not the NSA that’s the biggest threat. Our privacy is not the only thing at risk here. Something strange is happening in America and across the globe right. Edward Snowden may have been the tip of the iceberg.

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