It’s best to leave some web forms blank

No thanks. I don't want my iPod engraved.

No thanks. I don't want my iPod engraved.

Whether it’s because they really didn’t want to have the iPod they ordered online engraved or if they saw this post on Buzzfeed a couple of years ago and thought it would be a great novelty item to carry around with them, someone did it again with their iPod order.

“No thanks. I don’t want my iPod engraved.”

In a world where automation is in order processing is the key to success for companies like Apple and Amazon, one should just leave forms like these blank rather than leave instructions that only humans can comprehend. Don’t kid yourself. There’s no human on the other end of the form. It’s only the Matrix and they don’t have a sense of humor.

Here’s the full image.

Engraved iPod

* * *

Via: EatLiver.

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