It’s one giant “Leap Motion” for mankind as company unveils gesture-control with 200x accuracy


Leap Motion

Play Angry Birds with chop sticks. Browse web pages without a mouse or touchscreen. Sign a document within 1 centimeter with pinpoint accuracy. These are just the tip of the possibilities iceberg for Leap Motion, the gesture-control technology unveiled today in the video below.

The San Francisco startup says you can “Say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard.” The accuracy of the device may make that claim a reality for some considering that it’s reportedly 200 times more accurate than anything on the market today and can track the movements of all ten fingers inside a 4-cubic-foot space down to 1/100th of a millimeter.

All of these specs sound like something that is expensive, large, and not available for a couple of years. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Pre-orders of the device that’s not much larger than a pack of gum are starting now for $69.99 and will be available this winter.

According to their blog, “The future is now.”

Hat Tip: Rick Chavoustie

  1. It’s 8 cubic feet, not 4 cubic feet.  I hate it when writers post wrong information, and then all the other bloggers, etc. post off of the mis-information.  Most people are saying its only 100x more accurate than the KINECT, while it clearly states on their website and what they say to be 200x more accurate.  Also, it’s accurate to 1/100 of a millimeter.  That’s 1/100,000 of a centimeter.  Most people are saying it has either a 1/100 of a centimeter or 1/1000 of a millimeter tech.  This one news story has so much wrong information looming in the internet.

    1. Hi Sean I am 101% agree with you. Infact I saw many wrong Information related to Leap device on many blogs. Some blogs are saying that new touchscreen device is launched LOL. It is not a touchscreen device it is a motion sensor device. It will not make your computer touchscreen No by leap device you can only control your computer with the gestures of your fingures and hands in a 3D style. Well anyone have experience with any similar device related to leap. If yes then Please share.

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