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Klout launches a more accurate score with more features to come (Video)


As promised, we have been keeping our eye on the social activity measuring site, Klout. Today, they launched the first part of their new changes that will be occurring for more accuracy and understanding for its users.

What is New with Klout?

Since many users were receiving high Klout scores yet were inactive on social sites, this led to other users not liking the way Klout was analyzing their scores. Many businesses rely now more so than ever on social measuring sites on who they want to higher, how much influence they have online and if their social score is truly worthy of the perks that businesses are using to Market their brands.

Klout has adjusted more variables to their algorithm to make your score more valuable and you will see an increase or decrease of your Klout score due to the following changes.

Klout will now measure more actions, such as Facebook subscribers and the +K’s that you receive from your peers.  They now pull real-time data from various sources such as Wikipedia, LinkedIn titles and now your +K’s will have more clout on Klout.

Soon Klout will be adding even more social networks to connect to your Klout such as; Tumblr and YouTube.  As well as a “Moments” feature which will highlight all of your best content in a Timeline style and soon you will be able to turn your Klout Profile into a social resume.

Your Insights will be improved so users are able to easily read and understand where the data is being pulled from in order to create your overall score. As of today all Klout scores will see the change, only some users will see the other features mentioned and will be rolled out in the coming weeks to all Klout users to experience.

In the video below, Klout CEO and co-founder, Joe Fernandez shows us the changes that are yet to come; they look fresh and more appealing to the eye and will want you to perhaps take a second look at using Klout to measure your social activities.

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