Lego Fan Resurrects Lost Art


I once heard that ships in bottles are built in a collapsed state outside the bottle, and then simply ‘unfolded’ once slipped inside. My heart broke when I learned of such cheatery. Hats truly go off, then, to Julia Morley, who honest-to-Odin built this Lego ship in a bottle legit-style – with really long tools on sticks and stuff.

Julia used Lego’s Bricksmith software to design the ship using only pieces that would fit through the mouth of the bottle (duh), and then over the course of three days, painstakingly pieced it together with the aforementioned tools on sticks. The end result is deceptively simple before you stop to consider for a moment just how painstaking it must have been.

But you don’t have to merely consider it – you can watch it. Because Julia recorded a time-lapse video of the entire process. Because Julia is awesome.

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