MacBook Air Rumors Reach Fever Pitch



With Apple’s “Back To The Mac” event now only three days away, the rumor mill is churning at a rate of knots.

Engadget has a picture that is supposedly the new MacBook Air, although it brings into question a contradictory rumor that the new Air would be only 11.6″.

MacRumors updates with some new information, including possible specs.

They claim the new Air will be available in 11.6″ and 13.3″ sizes, both unibody design and thinner than the current model.

The new Air will also apparently all contain SSD cards rather than traditional hard drives. They will use Core 2 Duo CPUs with 2GB of RAM.

The photo strangely shows a mystery port on the right side which is not USB.

With the event invitation showing a Lion, it’s clear that the purpose of the event is to announce 10.7 Lion, so perhaps the new Air will not even make it’s debut on Wednesday.

What do you think?

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