Microsoft made an app that helps you find its other apps


Now that Microsoft is actually bringing its products and services to other platforms, it’s run into a bit of an issue where it simply has too many apps available. Naturally, the company decided to solve this issue with another app, one that allows users to search through all of the apps it has available on Android, which includes the apps that come from developers that it acquired, such as Echo Lockscreen and Sunrise. The usefulness of this app is somewhat limited, for obvious reasons, but Microsoft apparently plans to add more features in the future. 

Can you remember the days back when Microsoft was existing in its own world, refusing to budge, when the rest of the world was shifting to iOS, Android, mobile, etc? Well those days are way back in the past as they have made a massive turn around these past few years, bringing cross-platform flexibility to its core apps and developing more software and services, even to those using their rival platforms. And now, they’re releasing the Microsoft Apps on the Google Play Store which lets you search for their apps on Android. You may ask yourself, what’s the point of having one app whose main purpose is just to search for apps made by the developer? Well for one, have you realized how many apps Microsoft has developed over the years? It’s not just Microsoft Office or Outlook. There are a lot. And you also have those that they have acquired like Sunrise, Echo Lockscreen, etc. And if you like the way they have been making (or buying) apps, then you’d like an easier way to browse through what’s available rather than search through a gazillion apps on the Google Play Store.

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