Microsoft Unleashes The Archivist



Microsoft’s MIX online lab actually contains some pretty cool stuff. Take The Archivist, for example.

Microsoft’s newest MIX online project is still in alpha, but shows immense promise. The Archivist is, at it’s most simplest, a tool for searching Twitter.

Enter a word or term or either including a Twitter operator and The Archivist will return a load of useful information including tweet volume over time, users with the most relevant tweets and most relevant URL.

Tweets are by definition tiny pieces of information, but combine them and throw in some visualization and it’s a powerful mix.

Because The Archivist can’t go too far back in history, this is a service that will grow and develop from here out, but the potential is huge.

Obviously, all kinds of additional goodies are available. Link up with your Twitter account to save and archive your tweets. Setup a tweet search and The Archivist will continue that search tirelessly until you tell it stop.

Archives provide all kinds of analysis, but if there’s somehow not enough data for you, export as a tab delimited file and chop up the data however you like in Excel.

This is extremely cool and interesting, I’ll be playing with it later today for sure. Read more about The Archivist on the blog announcement.

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