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Microsoft wants to bring affordable Windows devices to U.S. schools

Microsoft has teamed up with a number of hardware manufacturers to help bring a new range of Windows-based devices into U.S. schools. The systems start at under $300 and have been launched to help school make computers available to a larger number of students. It’s all part of Microsoft YouthSpark initiative which aims to “empower youth through technology”. A wide range of devices are included in the program.

We’re sure many schools would love to equip their classrooms and their students with the latest in technology, whether it be computers, tablets, learning tools, and so on. Unfortunately due to budgetary reasons, not all schools can afford to upgrade their classrooms. The semi-good news is that Microsoft is hoping to help out as part of the YouthSpark initiative and will be teaming up with hardware manufacturers to help create devices under $300 that can be used in schools. According to Microsoft, the devices in question “are lightweight enough to conduct research and take assessments, while at the same time robust enough to create rich media, develop code and build complex applications.”

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