MIT’s Glove Mouse Inspired By Minority Report


All of us tech geeks recall Minority Report, right? Well, for those of you who do, you’ll love what the geniuses over at MIT have come up with: it’s a pointing device. But this one is different, and, unlike a traditional mouse, this pointer is controlled by your hands.

MIT students Tony Hyun Kim and Nevada Sanchez decided to work on this project in 2009, and, impressively, they managed to acquire all the necessary parts for under $100.


Similar to the iPhone/iPod Touch, the gloves allow interactions like pinching, grabbing, zooming, and other familiar interactions you have with touchscreen devices. The Glove Mouse, however, takes away the touching and allows users to interact like was done in Minority Report.

Just last month they took it a step further and managed to make these gloves work wirelessly.

Now all they need are the fancy see-thru heads up displays, and they’ll have something truly unbelievable here.

[via PopSci]
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