Mitsubishi’s perfection of the infotainment system


If you think back to what car interiors used to look like, it’s simply amazing how far we’ve come. New cars more closely resemble the interior display of a spaceship than a car. Before the dawn of computer technology and touch screens, cars took on a straight forward interior appearance that didn’t offer all that much to be excited about. Simply put? That was then, and this is now.

Mitsubishi Infotainment

Most cars have put an incredible emphasis on what features their infotainment systems possess that others don’t.   Ten years ago, the word infotainment wasn’t even part of our vernacular. Now, they’re a major part of every car that comes off the line in manufacturing plants all over the world. We are a society that is in love with our technology, and auto companies are striving to deepen that love. As we head boldly into the future, automakers are looking to make sure we’re not walking there; we’re driving.

Mitsubishi has promised a new development in the infotainment field, a system like no other based on the ever-popular android system. No specific launch dates have been mentioned regarding their new system, but speculators are hazarding guesses that we can look to see this revolutionary new offering in 2016 car models. Already an electronics giant, Mitsubishi is hoping to increase the popularity of new vehicles by adding an extra special incentive in the form of the infotainment system.

The version of this infotainment system is custom designed using android technology specifically for Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America. Not to be confused with Mitsubishi Autos, this corporation supplies many vehicles with the electronics with which cars are outfitted. So does this automatically mean that Mitsubishi cars will be the first recipients of this new infotainment system? Not necessarily, but it could be a future concept for their line of vehicles as well.

So what makes the Mitsubishi system different from every other system on the market? The answer is pretty much everything. While other systems offer touch-screen control of the radio, music files, and other entertainment options, this new system encompasses the entire center console making it possible to control nearly everything from one central location. The offerings of other cars with six inch screens are laughable in the face of the 12” display on this model.

In the one foot display, there are three different options for control. Using one third of the screen will allow drivers to control the GPS services, and by bumping up to half screen control will allow access to music and navigation at the same time. The final third of the screen offers a touch-screen option for nearly every other controllable aspect of the vehicle, including the heating and air conditioning, a rare option for traditional systems.

One of the best parts of this brand new infotainment system is the portion they are calling the heads up display. This unique design allows for GPS coordinates and directions to be projected at eye level for the driver. Basically, the systems navigation features will pop up next to the electronic speedometer, making it nearly impossible for the driver to become distracted while following directions to their destination. With this type of innovation, navigation is available right in front of your eyes without the pesky drawbacks of after-market, windshield mounted GPS units.

Mitsubishi Electric stresses that that main difference between this new android-based system and other models is that the full touch screen capabilities provide less necessity for looking down to access necessary functions. Some critics argue that this system is thumbing its nose at the Google based Android Auto, when previously Mitsubishi Electric had emerged as a full supporter. Whether it is or isn’t in direct competition, this infotainment system promises to make incredible strides in future vehicles.

While any potential release is total speculation, it is clear that the actual deployment of this system will be anxiously awaited. Never before has there been a system that makes the promises that Mitsubishi is making with this infotainment option. Not only are they making strides to ensure that the driving process featuring technology is less distracting but they’re also working to eliminate background noise within a vehicle. This particular innovation will rocket the Mitsubishi system to the top of the technology rankings.

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