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It’s the age old problem. You park your car in the parking garage, but you can’t remember where. Was it orange 4A, or yellow 3B? And of course, you own a popular model vehicle, so they all start to look the same. There you go after your long flight, roaming the airport parking structure trying to remember where you parked. You are tired, and cranky, not to mention packing your luggage from floor to floor.

Parking Lot

A new gadget on the market makes this problem a little easier for consumers. The Automatic Parked Car Finder is the solution for the driver that always misplaces their car. The product plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and communicates with your iPhone via an app with your bluetooth connection. It shows the driver of the vehicle where they parked their “lost” car, truck, or SUV on a map.

The app also has another useful feature. It can help remind you not only of where you have parked, but for how long, so you can feed the parking meter, avoiding the costly parking tickets. The device is coupled with a USB port so that users can charge their iPhone when they are driving. The app will cost you $49 to download from the Apple store.

Using this app, you don’t have too look like a clown walking around the parking lot at the mall. Yes, we know who you are. You are the one beeping your fob repeatedly, trying to locate your grey sedan that looks just like every other grey sedan out on the lot. And you probably have, in the past, walked up to that sedan that is just like yours, only it’s not, and attempted to open the door. You thief! Or so those passing by may assume.

The Automatic Parked Car Finder makes it look as though you are one of those people who walk around with your head connected to your phone at all times, walking into poles, or texting whilst you pass through a crosswalk. This app and device will make it possible to join the lemmings walking through the parking lot with their heads down looking at their phone, only you will be doing so with purpose.

Parking Lot” image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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