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Nintendo’s 3DS Will Launch Nov. 20th…Perhaps…?

Nintendo 3DS November 20th

Nintendo 3DS November 20th

A product designer for Keysfactory has let fly with a tweet which may or may not have inadvertently leaked the release date of Nintendo’s 3DS: November 20th.

Now, my understanding of Japanese is limited to sporadic dickings around with Translation Party, but thankfully, Nintendo3DSblog has gone to the trouble of doing the dirty work for the rest of us:

On November 20th, the 11 goods I designed for use with the 3DS will go on sale simultaneously. Those of you buying the 3DS, please buy them while you’re at it! This will be officially announced on the homepage eventually, lol. Best regards.

The tweet was later deleted and replaced with a second tweet which, for whatever reason, still leaked the possible release date:

OIRA is designed to place 20 11 11 3DS product will be released simultaneously for the product.

It, too, has since been deleted. Someone is sooo fired.

Okay, okay. So this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to see the DS on November 20th – the translation is shaky at best, but the word ‘simultaneously’ seems to belie that this man’s accessories will hit the shelves alongside the console itself. It’s a pretty good bet, anyway. Previous rumours have pointed at the November 20th release, and I mean, come on – a mid-November Saturday release? What’s up, holiday season.

Personally, even if this is all true, I think I’ll hold off on joining Nintendo’s 3D party. If it’s anything like the Wii’s release, I dunno if I want to brave downtown to try to get one. It’ll be a goddamn madhouse.

Besides, DKCR is out on the 11th. I’m good to go.

What do you think?

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