No One Can Ever Say Jobs Wasn’t Hands-On

steve jobs ipad

steve jobs ipad

I have no idea how the dude finds the time. You thought Big Steve emailing his customers back was unusually conscientious? Get this: The Seattle Times is reporting the tale of iPad developer Ram Arumugan and his recent experience with the App Store approval process.

After having developed an app, Economy for iPad, Ram found his work rejected for using a private API call that, interestingly enough, fixed a bug with the iPad’s virtual keyboard. In frustration, Ram ultimately emailed Big Steve about the rejection. Surely Apple would make an exception for an API call that improves the performance of the device, right?

Writes Ram on his blog:

A couple of hours after I sent the email, I was at a noisy soccer (for kids) arena when I heard my iPhone ring. The caller-id, the caller saying “Ram, this is Steve” and that he was calling from Apple did suggest that it could really be Steve Jobs. He confirmed it when I asked.

Apparently, no go. Private APIs simply aren’t allowed, explained Steve. But there’s a happy ending! After a quick removal of the code (allowing the keyboard bug to live on for now), Economy for iPad was immediately approved, and is now the device’s #1 financial app. The End.

I’ve never much been a fan of Jobs, but honestly, this whole debacle is pretty rad. That he’d take the time to personally discuss a random app out of the blue with its developer really shows you how in the fray Steve really is. If I wore a hat, Steve, it’d be tipped.

If you want to get your hands on Economy for iPad after having had this touching tale whisper sweet nothings into your soul’s ear, you can do exactly that here.

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